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Dragon Nest: Farming, Fishing, and Cooking Guide

Guide Written by: Zeek

Image Contributor(s): Gill

You can farm, fish and cook in specific areas in Morrie’s farm. You can enter the farm through changing channel or asking Morrie who is located in Saint Haven and Lotus Marsh to take you to the farm.

What to do first?

Look for NPC Irine and take any farm related quests, if you haven’t done any of these stuffs yet.
She’ll direct you to NPC Morrie, which could be found at the Farm Channel.
(Click the Channel List, Click Farm Tab, Choose a Channel 1-4)


Tools needed: Fishing Rod and Baits

- You do not have to buy a Fishing Rod! Morrie will give you one for free if you take the Fishing quest.
- When fishing, you can either get a Magic, Rare, and Epic fishes, and a pouch.
- Your Fishing Skill Level does not affect the chances of getting any fish. I still have no idea what it does -_-
- 80 worm baits is equal to 1 hour of fishing. :3
- Auto-fishing and Manual fishing — both have same chances of catching fish. The only benefit is that you could manipulate the speed, in Manual fishing mode.
- There are 4 spots, in the Farm Zone, where you could fish.

Spot 1: Maroon Coil, Blue Scale Bass, Valley Grouper, Net Herring, Mountain Steamfish

Spot 2: Striped Crucian, Calderock Trout, Rockstone Clear Fish, Large Pea Salmon,Foothills Crucian

Spot 3: Lake Smelt, Rock White Belt, Big Scale Sweet Fish, Sawtooth Croaker, Red Bass

Spot 4: Red Swordtail Carp, Calderock Gold Fish, Spotted Carp, Angler Snake Head, Yellowtail Sweet fish


Tools needed: Seeds, Watering Cans, Sickle

- as soon as you enter the Farm Zone, you’ll find a new window on your left screen. Always check if there is any farm space available. It’s written in a red text. Click on the empty checkbox to see the locations of available spaces, if there are any. You can always switch to a different channel to try and search for available spots.
- You can only plant 4 seeds at a time (max level of farming – lvl12 – )

Tip for early levels:
- If you have any alliance points for the Free Adventurer’s Guild, for 2500 points, you should buy the Unique Coupon (purple) to increase the exp you’re getting from farming, fishing, and cooking. (20% boost)
- At early levels, Farming level 1-8, it’s best if you just plant any seed then leave it (preferably the one closest to your farming level). Do not harvest it first. You only get 1point when harvesting. You get the rest of the big farming points when you plant a seed. So, just plant-and-leave. Besides, you won’t be able to use the plants yet (if you have a level40 character).
- Basic Seed 1 can only produce plants usable by level24-32. While Basic Seed 2 can be used by level33-40)

For higher levels of Farming:
- Other people can harvest your plant, but it will always go straight to your Farm Warehouse (the NPC that looks like NPC Morrie inside the Farm Zone). So, if you see a full grown plant, best cut it down asap for two things: 1) you get to free a space for you to plant your own seed *insert pun here* 2) you prevent the owner of the plant to get any Rare Quality plants. :3
- REMEMBER! You wont get any Rare Quality plants, if you yourself do not harvest the plant.


Tools needed: Pot, Scoop, Knife, Pan, Spatula

Additional items needed: Seasonings, Recipes and Ingredients

- As always, take advantage of the Free Adventurer’s Guild Alliance Coupon for this.
- You only have a limited slot for recipes, but you can always any unwanted recipe.
- Different recipes require different Cooking tools. You can get them for FREE. Just complete the quests.
- Almost all recipes require 3 different ingredients. Place your mouse over the recipe scroll to see these ingredients. The seasonings (Low, Med, High) can be bought at NPC Morrie.
- You can cook either a Magic/Rare quality food (there are 2 tabs on the Shop Window), but the Rare quality food is way too costly, imho, and require more pieces of plant (usually 3 or 5).

Tip: when you’re already planting your desired seed, it’s best to stack firsts on the Rare Quality plants, before buying the Rare Quality Scrolls.

Tip: Try fishing a lot first. AFK fishing works. Then buy all the 4 broth recipes and start your Cooking leveling there. Once you hit Level 9 in Cooking, then you could also start farming and harvesting your desired crops.


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